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Our Solar Energy Solutions

Our Solar Energy Solutions

See if the solar power is the right solution for you

Of all the alternative clean energy choices, solar power is the most universally applicable. Ultimate Electrical is a trained certified solar energy installer in Idaho.

Solar pays back fast

Utility rates are always climbing at an average rate of 6.7% every year, but electricity produced by solar power is FREE. Solar power systems generate electricity from day one. They are extremely cost-efficient and yield a quick, high Return on Investment.

Solar is simple and attractive

Solar is easy to setup, operate, and integrate into your home’s existing power grid because Ultimate Electrical gives you a complete solution. Solar panels have become envious and attractive because they portray your home and your life as energy independent. We handle all the details; install the system, and provide top-notch technical support. You will be reaping the benefits of solar power in no time.

Solar Power works everywhere even when cloudy

You might be surprised at just how little sunlight you need to power today’s super-efficient solar panels. Solar power works in all 50 states, including Alaska!

Solar Power can also heat your pool

Residential solar pool heating is a great solution for heating the pool in your backyard. Contact Us about our Solar Power solutions