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Our Upgrading Solutions

Our Upgrading Solutions

Upgrading and Improving your Service

A very common question that many homeowners have asked through the years is whether or not they should upgrade their electrical service. This question is crucial because changing a service is disruptive, complicated, and sometimes can be costly. However, not upgrading can limit what you can do or add to your home, and in some cases, can lead to the unimaginable disaster of your home burning down to the ground.

Why would you want to go to all this trouble to upgrade?

We deliver more than just power. We deliver the confidence and peace of mind that comes from a job well done.

  • Convenience: Many older homes still have their original 100 amp service, so that when it comes time to remodeling their kitchen or to add a room, there is no room in the panel to install the required additional circuits.
  • Capacity: Tthe amount of electricity available to use in your home is limited by the ampacity of your main breaker.. So when major things that need electrical power are added, or the size of the home is increased, then very often the electrical capacity of your service needs to be increased as well.
  • Safety: Many electrical services have been hanging on the side of houses for an awfully long time, subject to deterioration caused by the environment and the weather. Some have become damp and corroded in those wet basements. Some have been chronically overloaded through the years and due to overheating, joints and connections have become loose. And some services still rely on fuses, which, because of their age, are corroded, overstuffed, and overheated. These conditions are dangerous, and good enough reasons to spend the money to change your service.