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Power Club Membership

Power Club Membership

It's more than service, it's about prevention. With typical service, you pay money for priority service when there's an electrical problem, but with our Power Club Membership, you not only get priority service, you can prevent those problems from happening, and save money in the process! Here's the initial benefits:

Free Yearly Maintenance

Your family's or business continued safety is our top priority. Tha's why we are here. We will do a safety inspection for you today, and every year, we will return to your home to perform a complete electrical protection inspection to spot any new problem areas before they become a hazard to your family and your business. Our maintenance is preventive maintenance for your home and business. See our maintenance list for details.

Emergency Priority Service

When you need electrical service, you want it fast! As a Power Club Memberm, your business and your family are our first priority, and when you call us, you go straight to the front of the line. Being a plan member is like having an electrician on call with his motor running just waiting for you to call. It's that fast.

10% off on all services

You receive a 10% discount on the products and services needed to bring your home or business up to the minimum standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). From time to time, you'll also be able to take advantage of special offers and excsluve discounts we give only to our Power Club Members. We call it our Safety Savings.

A Home Value Booster

Your Power Club Membership is also transferable to a new owner if you decide to sell your home or business, and the peace of mind that it brings is a huge selling point! Or it can move with you if stay in the Treasure Valley sevice area.

We promise you'll be satisfied with any service we perform in your place for as long as you're a Power Club Member. Become a member of our ultimate club program and keep your electrical services running smoothly with priority emergency service to get you back on track if anything happens.

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A word about electrical safety

Electrical accidents and fires cause personal injury to homeowners and millions of dollars of damage to homes each year. These tragedies often result from poor installation, outdated components and systems that have not been maintained.

To protect you, organizations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) provide and continually update electrical standards for homes just like yours. These standards protect you, your home and your family from fire and electrical shock.

Plus, the electrical industry is constantly improving with new technology to make your home more energy efficient and safer. The electrical codes are constantly updated to reflect that technology, and many of these advancements have outdated many wiring methods used in the past. If your home hasn’t been updated with the latest standards, you may have a potential hazard under your roof. Electrocution and fire are real threats. For example, from 1992 to 2001, electrical problems accounted for 407,606 fires, 3,406 deaths and $7,858,700,000 in damages in the United States.*

With homeowner education, improved safety standards and programs like the Home Protection Plan, homes are being protected and lives are being saved. I urge you to consider this plan. Many fires and electrical deaths are caused by factors that could have been avoided with regular maintenance.